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It’s One Hour in the Future

I hate Daylight Savings. It's an antiquated, ridiculous practice we should have dropped long ago. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it in the autumn, when we "fall back" an hour. An extra hour of sleep rocks. It's the "spring ahead" part that ...

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Got nothing done today. My brain sometimes acquiesces and let's me sleep, but not for long. It's not a manic thing, either. Not having the luxury of naps to escape...*sigh* I wonder how long it's going to take. For lots of things. Meds. Mood. Me. How long does it take to gain a grip? I'm tired of ...

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Wild Sex Stories Could Win You a Prize

First off, I'm honored to have been included in today's edition of Five Star Friday. It's my first time there and, naturally, it's my post about suicidal thoughts that got me there. Not the funny, no...it's all this emo shit that seems to be hitting home with some people. Go figure. ...

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