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Babar is in My Living Room, and He’s a Morose Sonofabitch

Not. Doing. Well. It's all in between my fucking ears, as usual. That's always the problem area with me. I had a good day yesterday. A friend visited and made my day. Hell, my month. So why are these awesome moments so short-lived in my head? I'm back to miserable today. Overwhelmed. Feeling on the verge of...shit, ...

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I’d Give Anything Not to Tell You This, But Sometimes Nightmares are Real

Had my first ever videoconference with a shrink today. First ever videoconference, ever, actually. Went pretty well. The Matrix Therapist had sent the doc the list of meds I'd brought in for her to look at...the ones I was taking 10 years ago, the ones that actually were doing something. And the shrink actually looked that ...

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