Second Hand Karl

Reading my blog, you’ve probably already assumed that I’m ADHD. Not only are you correct, but you’re also SQUIRREL. Just kidding, it’s not that PINEAPPLE. OK I’m done. Really, I’m not ADHD (at least not in my opinion), but I have a varied set of tastes that I have cultivated over the years. I’m never quite satisified once I’ve mastered something, and tend to move on to the next challenge quickly thereafter.


Importance of Maintaining Your Blog Every Day

As a blog owner myself (you’re reading it right now! Hey!), I know how hard it is to come up with amazing content day after day (but somehow I manage, right?). But the importance of a newly updated blog cannot be underestimated, especially if you’re promoting your blog properly. Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram can all be…